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Our tongues lashed out against each other as we kissed passionately considerable. Although Sue was older than I was very, very hot indeed! We stopped briefly (came on the air! ) And I asked them if they take the next step was - in other words, about kissing. She said yes, of course. Would not it be crazy husband told me ? I could not get the grain, said Sue - husband has gone to sex is the only one who cares about football and the pub. She explained that she has a ' good person immediately, ' Sue wanted - who masturbate frequently, but only the gigagallery ' real thing ' gave him the satisfaction he craved. So we moved into the main room - even kiss all the time. I want to kiss, lick and fuck, I said. Sue just told me to drop my shorts - she said her actions speak ! My cock sprang to attention - I'm not big, very normal, but Sue enthusiastically. Is it so hard for me, I asked ? Of course it is, he said. I told him I thoughtwhich had for some time, but had lost weight, I get too gigagallery hot for her. What he said next made ​​me realize that I missed the opportunity for a long time ago. I gigagallery thought you said since I moved it - I thought we actually know directly about 4 years ago and you know I went for inclusion, but I saw a couple of attractive young women and I think I had the chance. Well, I said, there is no time like the present ! Sue went with his hands and knees and grabbed my cock. What is an expert cock sucker ! She licked my cock softly and then loudly slurping gigagallery on my shaft as she guttural all the way. In addition, she licked my balls and my wave - I love it! I told her I cum soon, but just kept on sucking and licking. After 5 minutes I shot my load in her throat and swallowed the lot - awesome then removed and Sue was what I saw, very happy!. Breasts - not huge, but elegant and not fallen. Ashaved pussy with big lips was also quite evident. I kissed her some more and then moved between her legs. I sipped away the fragrance gigagallery (and very wet) pussy for about 10 minutes - three times I was told everything was. Also moved around the back and gave him a good deal of attention to the anus with the tongue - he loved the Now it was time for the main course - it took me between his legs and slowly slid my penis into her vagina well lubricated. He slid easily, but it was nice and firm - Sue, obviously, works your muscles to stay in shape gigagallery ! Damn it after about 10 minutes I slipped her feet against my shoulders - who gave me the angle I really needed and 5 minutes later, I was there. I went and shot my load of cum all over her belly is enough - a more sexy is hard to find now meet once a week or less for a little fun. Sue has come to me with a couple of business trips - go shopping during the day and have a lot of fun at night. I have some interesting stories for thll - a concern of losing their anal virginity, other MFP experience first. Publish the details soon. Read on! gigagallery
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